A place with meaning

I feel like in the world of Instagram, we can get a little lost, especially with interiors! I'm known for my home and pictures of places that I have designed, but there is so much more to me than that! That's a big part of the reason I was so excited to work with Mapiful and create a piece of art for our home that was all for me and represented who I was! For those of you who may not know, Mapiful is a company that allows you to create a custom map poster of a place that holds special meaning to you!


When the opportunity to create a personal map poster for our home came up, I knew right away where I was going to pick; the Dominican Republic. Not only am I Dominican, but I also got married in the Dominican Republic! This is a place with so much special meaning to me in so many different ways! 


I was head over heals in love and got married at 19. Some people told us we were crazy, but our close friend and family were very supportive! I'm 27 now, and almost 7.5 years later, I'm even more in love and I think back to that day so often! The idea of a traditional wedding was not for us. Don't get me wrong, I love weddings and it's so beautiful to declare your love for your person in front of all your loved ones, but I knew I wanted something a little different. We decided to elope in the Dominican Republic! We knew we wanted to travel somewhere that we had never been before and proclaim our love to each other without any of the hassle and stress of a traditional wedding. Marrying Nathan will always be the best decision I ever made, and eloping was the second best! 


 We decided to put our Dominican Republic Mapiful print, with our anniversary date, right next to our bed. When we wake up, it's the first thing we see and we start our days reminiscing on the best one of our lives! We pull out our wedding album and talk about the memories we made and how it all lead to our two beautiful babies and the life we have now. 

When I heard about Mapiful, I was so excited and I knew I had to have one and that I wanted ours to be of a place that held a special meaning to us! Their website was so easy to use and had so many different customization options that allowed me to create a map that would perfectly fit our eclectic space!

Use code arianna10 to get a discount on your own unique Mapiful and keep scrolling for some pictures of baby Nate and Ari just married in the Dominican Republic!



I'd love to hear the reason behind your Mapiful!!

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