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       I don’t know if everyone knows, but we’ve officially lived in this house for 1.5 years! We got to working on our master bedroom right away, because we really wanted a space to call our own! I feel like working on this house has really challenged me and how I design, and my style has evolved so much! When we first got into this house, I leaned boho and went heavy on earthy tones and all the wicker and wood! Those were the pieces that caught my eye and what I chose to decorate with! While I still love a lot of those things, somewhere along the way, the design story of our home began to change! I have been really drawn to color, patterns, shapes and sculpture! I don't know what you'd call it now; maybe boho modern eclectic??  Our home had evolved and was a place I loved so much but our master bedroom was tucked in the back and  quickly filling up with all the things that no longer had a place in this home!

I was so excited to team up with Apt2B and a few other really amazing companies (and all my thrifted finds, duhhhh) to re-do our master and I honestly couldn’t be more excited to show you how it turned out!

I know I just showed off our master foyer in a blog post, but things are always changing over here! I was looking for the perfect chairs for this space! Something sculptural with all the right shapes! I stumbled upon the Dana Point Accent chair from Apt2B and I about died! I went with them in Oxblood and they matched the color palette and mood board I created for this space perfectly! We used to have people fighting over sitting on the couch and now everyone fights to sit in these chairs!


I also snagged this amazing Juno Dhurrie rug from swoon rugs! The pattern is everything and the mustard in it compliments my new chairs so nicely! There are a lot of different sizes of this rug and I don’t think I’ve ever loved a rug more, so be sure to check out her website!


I also swapped out our old light fixture for one with a little more character! I went with the Helix Chandelier by Pepe and Carols! They are a husband and wife team who hand make the most stunning brass light fixtures and we couldn’t be happier with the one we chose! I love the contrast it adds to the space, especially against the dark ceilings!


For my art, I downloaded some fun abstract prints off of Etsy and had them framed by Framebridge! Amazing quality frames and nothing is more important in a space than art!! I went with the Cairo frames because I love burl and the texture it adds!


     Now for the bed part of the BEDroom! We had an ugly old bed frame, and I would just throw a rug or tapestry over the headboard to change it up, but I always wanted something nice for this space! I went with the Cooper Upholstered bed in white from Apt2B! I knew I wanted something simple yet modernist for our bed and it was love at first sight! As you all know, I love to switch things up all the time, especially my bedding! This bed frame is so timeless and the perfect backdrop for any choice in bedding or pillows! I also loved the height! It has such a regal feel and paired with the burgundy crushed velvet duvet cover, I feel like a queen up in here! I was looking for the perfect art above the bed, but decided that the bed was a statement piece in itself and decided on a fun color block on the walls to play into the square shape!


I also love playing around with my goat hide from East Perry! Mine moves all around this room and is one of my favorite styling pieces! Not only is it crazy soft, but it is organic and sourced ethically from small farms! Use code ARIANNA15 for 15% off a goat hide or sheepie from her site!


Sticking with the theme of shapes, I went with the Haiku flush mount from Corbett lighting! It is such an amazing piece and a work of art on our ceiling! They make such unique light fixtures and it was definitely the statement piece I wanted to pair with my statement bed!


With all of the sharp lines in this space, I knew I wanted something a little softer on the bed, so I picked up some of the dreamiest round pillows from my friend over at The Indigo Tribe! She has the cutest roundies in lots of different colors and I’m so in love! They were the perfect addition to my “pillow story” as she calls it! use code ARI20 for 20% off your order!


Everything else in this space was thrifted! One of my favorite finds ever will always be these vintage rose marble end tables! Getting them into our house was one of the hardest days of my life (because they weigh like 500 lbs) and it was a hard day for our marriage (jk, kinda) but so worth it! All of my end table decor is thrifted as well and the rug in this space was a lucky vintage find!


I love combining old with new and I think it really creates a space with so much character! I absolutely adore vintage, but sticking with quality pieces when it comes to where I’m sitting and sleeping is everything and Apt2B will always be my go-to!

Thank you all for following along on my journey and the ever changing design of our sweet home!


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