Bedroom Foyer

I’m sure some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting our bedroom seating area on Instagram lately! I haven’t posted the space in a couple of months because I haven’t been happy with the space for some time now! I feel like my sense of style has changed a lot since we moved into this home about 1.5 years ago! And that’s okay!! I am a person who is constantly growing and evolving, and it would only make sense that my style is as well!

I think I first noticed it when this space started to give me anxiety. This is our bedroom, it is where we retreat after the kids go to bed and the one place in the house to call our own! I used to say I would only bring things into our home that I absolutely LOVED! Looking around, I realized that there were so many things that I no longer loved and I was craving a purge. So purge I did. I gave myself a blank canvas and was so excited to venture out and do something a little different!

When I have a blank canvas, I usually like to start with one big statement piece and that’s when we happily said hello to Campaign!! We have been wanting the perfect couch for this space for so long! One of my favorite things to do after a long day is cuddle up with my hubby with a drink in hand and a good movie on!



I can honestly say, I’m blown away by this couch. Even Nathan said, it’s the comfiest couch we’ve ever owned! The cushions are made from high resiliency foam, don’t go flat, and are such great quality! Another thing I was insanely impressed by was how crazy fast the shipping was! I ordered this couch on a Monday, and by Saturday, she was in our bedroom! Campaign makes all of their couches here in the US, and it was so refreshing to not have to wait forever or have to schedule with a delivery company! Assembly was really fast and easy, and we were sitting pretty on our new couch in no time!

 I’ve saved the best part about this heavenly couch for last; INTERCHANGEABLE COVERS! I ordered this beauty in dusty rose! I’ve been on such a huge blush kick lately and after I ordered some free swatches, I knew that was the color. As we all know however, I change my mind . . .  a lot. With Campaign, that’s okay, because the upholstery on this entire couch is interchangeable! You wouldn’t even guess it by looking at it, but it all comes off so easily, and you can order cover sets on their website! I was so torn between the dusty rose and the Mojave orange, and I’m definitely going to have to order an orange cover set here soon! You can swap out the legs as well!

Basically everything about this couch is perfect and I knew that this was the piece for us! To me, Campaign living means never having to settle and being free to evolve! If you want to enjoy the Campaign lifestyle as well, you code ARI for $75 off all seating!!! 



Once I had the couch situation under control, I knew I wanted some new art, because you can never have too much art! (Don’t freak out, I sold the vintage art I wasn’t feeling anymore, and the rest is scattered around the house!) I found some really amazing prints from some great artists on Etsy! One of my favorite pieces was my painted woman from Heather Felder Art! Her work is so amazing and she's so talented and I was so excited to have a piece from her on my wall! Make sure to check out her Etsy for more of her work!! 


 I sent most of my downloaded prints to  frame it easy to be framed! They do such amazing work and are a lot cheaper than a lot of the other online framing companies out there! It took about a week and a half for me to get them in the mail and I was so blown away by the quality and craftsmanship of my frames!! i Went with the shiny gold frames because i love the vintage glam feel and they were perfect against the dark walls! Use code ARIANNA for 10% off of all your framing needs!!


DSC09356 (2).jpg

I have never had any end tables in here because I never had a couch, so I was so excited to find these amazing end tables from poly and bark! I’m super loving the modern eclectic feel and I have been so inspired by shapes lately! I saw these bad boys online and knew I had to have them! I even use them to hold my vinyl’s and I love the clear acrylic! Stay tuned for a fun giveaway!



I also decided to paint a fun little color block on my mirrored closet doors! When we first moved in, I hated them, but they really are some real 70’s vintage so I decided to embrace them! Painting on mirrors is such a fun way to switch things up and you can easily scrape the paint off if you change your mind!

DSC09335 (1).jpg

Last but not least, my beloved vintage! The hanging swag lamp and the pink end table lamp were both thrifted! Combining new and old is such a great way to add charm to a space and create an aesthetic that no one else has! The marble coffee table and wooden stool were lucky thrift finds as well! The amazing modern style vase on the table was thrifted as well, just not by me! I purchased it from my girl Emily over at baskethead vintage and it was the perfect finishing touch for this space!


I’m honestly just so happy with how this space turned out!! If you need me, I’ll be sitting on my dusty rose campaign couch with a glass of wine and a good movie on!