Bedroom styling!

I genuinely love creating content to post on Instagram and my blog! To me, it’s not just another thing on my to-do list or just work, but i’ts something that I love putting together! I love styling up a pretty little scene and one of my all time favorite rooms to style is my bedroom!

Nothing can create more different looks than bedding, and that’s probably why my bedroom is my favorite! I decided to break down how I go about styling our bedroom in this blog post, and I teamed up with the best over at Cstudio Home! They are one of my favorite sources for bedding, and I have a linen closet filled with their pieces so I can always switch things up and never get bored!


In our home, I’m all about layering, and the bed is no different! I love to use a lot of pillows to create a lot of different layers and make you want to jump right in!

I grabbed my pillows from Cstudio Home! We have their down alternative deluxe pillows and I love how comfy and fluffy they are! I wanted a more neutral base so I used the pillow covers that came with my natural organic duvet cover set and my rose quartz percale sheet cover set! That gave me a nice rose and white base, so I could spice things up with some patterned pillows on top!

I’m all about mustard and was super excited to find the Randall euro sham! I loved how big they were and the color and pattern was right up my alley! I decided to layer them on top on my basic king pillows and I love the contrast in size and color!


I still wasn’t done though and I wanted something fun right up front and center! I came across the circle blue embroidered pillow cover and fell in love with the shapes! I threw it right in front and it definitely sets everything off and totally catches your eye!


For my bedding I decided to go with something light and neutral! I felt like I had enough patterns and texture in my pillows and my room itself is heavy in pattern so I was really happy to go white with the organic percale duvet cover set in natural! I’m also getting pretty tired of winter and the white bedding made me feel springy and gives me hope that spring is coming!


I typically try and not do white sheets because I feel like they show everything, so I went with their rose quartz percale set and I love them! I love how light and fresh they are and they are a little more forgiving than solid white!

I love shooting a messy bed! Obviously I threw this scene together, but I think a nice “messy made” bed looks so much more inviting! Top it off with a couple props like a cute bag and magazine and it’s a Pinterest worthy space!


Definitely make sure to check out Cstudio Home for all of your bedroom styling needs!