Dining room changes!

I think that my favorite room, not just in my home, but all homes, is the dining room! No room brings people together like a dining room. It’s where we come together and make good food and have good conversation with the people we love the most! For our family, it’s where we enjoy family time. It’s where we start the day with giant breakfast spreads and where we end the day and relax. It’s where we gather with friends to play our favorite board games and have drinks after we put our kids to bed.

It’s such an important space to me and we had a beautiful table my husband made, but I was really wanting to try a round table in this space! Something about a round table just seems so homey and inviting and is honestly way better for board games, which is a big deal in this household!

I shopped around a lot and finally decided on going for it! Shapes are a big deal, and I was really nervous to make a change like that in our little dining room! I’ve always wanted a marble table, but for us, it’s just not practical! Marble tables are so heavy and we are constantly having to move our dining table for one thing or another!

Soooooo, I decided to go with the Stephen dining table from Inmod!


I loved the shape and I love the marble top! It’s faux marble, so it makes it easy for me to move around but its still amazing quality! I’m all about pattern, and I love the black and white marble top! It’s so pretty and adds the perfect touch of drama to this space!


I also love the modern shape of the legs and it’s so easy for me to put six chairs around this table when we have company over!


As much as I love this table, I think the kiddos might love it more! I’m a stay at home mama during the week and I love waking up and filling this table with all the best breakfast foods and starting the morning nice and slow with my babes! This is something we’ve always done, but something about this round table just makes it so much more special!

I have a lot of plans for this dining room and Inmod is definitely going to be included in those! They have so many amazing pieces, especially for the price!

20190102_164659 (1).jpg

Here are a few more of my favorite dining pieces from Inmod! They have so much more than dining furniture though, so definitely make sure to check them out!

Here are a few of the dining tables I was really interested in! All of them are linked! Someone get one so I can live vicariously through you!

Here are some of my favorite dining chair options! I love the vintage dining chairs we have now, but you know I always love to switch it up! I’m definitely going to be snagging some of these here soon and would love to do a mix and match!

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