Bedding Essentials

It’s no secret that I love my bedroom. It’s huge, and dark and moody and has my favorite piece of furniture ever; my bed. The only thing I like better than going to sleep at night is waking up in the morning and pulling my kiddos into bed for some morning snuggles. On weekends, we stay there and cuddle for an hour or so, and then I’ll go grab the laptop and we’ll watch our favorite movies and grab some snacks and really hunker down. I’ts tradition, i’ts a weekend ritual, it’s what I’m going to remember when they are all grown and out of the house, so having the coziest bed possible is a must over here!

I’ve decided to break down our bedroom bedding basics from our favorites over at Cstudio Home to help you guys create a bedroom scene that is not only the comfiest ever, but the dreamiest too!


I’m not that great with metaphors and I was going to say that beds have lots of layers just like an onion, but onions are gross, so lets say cake! My bed is a cake, and the first layer in this cozy slice is sheets!

I like to go with something a little more neutral when it comes to sheets, like black or white! My bedroom is painted black, so to brighten things up a bit I went with the Canvas Percale sheet set in natural! It’s the perfect off-white and you cant go wrong with white!


Next is the perfect duvet cover! Everyone who knows me or knows our home knows I love color! I love to really start playing with colors and textures when it comes to the duvet cover, and I fell in love with the Avenue duvet cover in blush! Not only is the color absolutely stunning and perfect for our glam bedroom, but the thick waffle weave adds so much texture to our bed and is super comfy!


Now that fall is here and our room is starting to get a bit chilly at night, I always need to have a second blanket! I love the Cstudio Home distressed cotton blanket, and mine is in the mushroom color! I love the way this blanket looks layered on the bed, but its also so perfect on a cold night!


Lastly and most importantly is the pillow story! With four people piled in the bed in the mornings, you can never have enough pillows! My Canvas Percale sheet set comes with pillow cases, so I used the white for our king pillows, but I wanted to add a bit more contrast with the rest of our cushions!

I grabbed two of the 20 x 20 Stone washed pillow covers in slate gray to layer in front of our king pillows, and then one of the 16 x 24 Stone washed pillow covers in quartz to be at the forefront of our pillow story! I love the distressed look of the stone wash and they are textured as well!


Now I just top it all off with my three favorite people, a movie marathon and alllllll the hot coco and we’ll be here for days!

That’s it! bedding can be cute AND cozy AND affordable so make sure to check out Cstudio Home for all of your bedding needs!!