The Lounge

IT’S FINISHED! I’m so so excited to finally show off one of the biggest projects we have undertaken in our home since we moved in 2 years ago!

I talk about it a lot, but we live in a split level! I also talk a lot about my disdain for this architectural travesty, but you know what, this is our home and we love it and we are making the best of it! Since we moved in, we have all been living on the top floor! We have everything we need upstairs; all of our bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and playroom! Once we put the kids to bed, we like to retreat to the seating area in our bedroom to watch movies and have drinks and all those good adult things! The only other space we have with a TV is the playroom, which is great for family movies, but not the best atmosphere for entertaining! We really wanted somewhere that we could hang out with friends and family after the kids go to bed, and so the lounge was born!

This space was basically a storage unit. It’s where we stored all of our old furniture and random things that didn’t have a place.If you know anything about split levels, you walk in and you can see the upstairs and the downstairs. As beautiful as the upstairs is, it got to a point where I was embarrassed to have people over and I would hurry them up the stairs so they wouldn’t see the atrocity downstairs!

Well, enough rambling; here’s the downstairs!!!!


I’m all about color, so when I’m starting a new space, paint always comes first! I’ve been really into the monochrome thing, so I knew that whatever color I chose I wanted to paint EVERYTHING the same color! The brick, the built ins, the walls, the molding all had to be the same! I’ve been feeling mauve so hard and after trying literally 30 different paint samples, we ended going up with sweetened plum by Sherwin Williams and we couldn’t be happier!


When you hear the word lounge, you automatically think comfort and relaxation, so a couch was super important! We wanted something big that could fit a lot of people but was also super stylish! I have been a huge longtime fan of Joybird! We have a lot of different pieces of furniture from them because they have proven time and time again that they have amazing quality pieces that are aesthetically pleasing as well as beautifully made! After looking at their sectionals, we decided to go with the Lewis Sectional! My favorite part about Joybird is the customization options! Our downstairs is bright, but doesn’t get as much natural light as the upstairs, so I wanted a lighter sofa that would help reflect some light! We ended up going with the Tussah Snow fabric and it is a dream! Even though you are just seeing this couch now, it was delivered about 3 months ago, and has been so easy to clean when we ever have any accidents! I love how large and over-sized the chaise is and how many people we can fit on it!


I’m also obsessed with our divider wall!! This space is huge, and we really wanted it to be a lounge and a work space! The office is right behind the divider wall and it still allows all of the natural light through! I’m so blessed with the most talented husband who made this wall for me! its the perfect backdrop behind our Lewis Sectional and adds so much to this space without being too loud!


We have never had a new TV in our entire almost 10 years of being together! We always buy used and have never even had a smart TV! We treated ourselves and bought a nice new TV for our movie marathons! Nate was all about the TV, and I was more about what it was sitting on! Again, I turned to my favorites over at Joybird and got their Stella console! I love the shapes and how sleek it is, and how it sits right on the floor and cant get dusty underneath! It has plenty of room for storage and the dark wood against the pink walls kills me!


I had mentioned before but I really going for the monochrome thing and working on playing with the same family color down here! I wanted the rug to still be a the same color family but to add a little bit of contrast! I have 3 rugs in my home from well woven rugs, so I checked out their website right away and found this dreamy shag rug in plum! I was debating between the plum and the black and I’m so happy I went with the plum! It makes the room almost glow pink!


I talk a lot about my love for vintage and its been so fun to create this space with a blend of old and new! I had been looking for the perfect chairs for this space for what seemed like forever and I found this stunning vintage set with all the most perfect shapes on FB market! They were exactly what I had envisioned and are one of my favorite parts of the lounge! My side tables, mantle mirror, and everything I used to decorate my open shelving are vintage and thrifted finds as well!


One of the most important part of entertaining are the drinks! We love to mix up and serve drinks so a bar was a must! We had originally planned on building a counter-top bar for this corner and changed our minds last minute because of space, and I’m so glad we did! It would have been way too crowded and I’m just so in love with the bar cart and the fact that we can roll it over to the couch if we want! We installed some open shelves for bottles and glassware and I’m just so happy with how our little bar turned out! I think my favorite part about the whole thing is my David vase from SINDstudio! They are crazy talented sculptors and ceramic artists from Israel and I’m in love with everything they do! I was looking for the perfect bowl or vase for bar fruit and when I saw this piece I knew I had to have it!


Every room needs a statement plant and I got this beautiful Dracaena for our lounge! It’s a large plant and grows quickly so I wanted a nice big planter! I got this round blush beauty from Hudson+ Oak and it is perfect for my monochrome vibe! The blush is almost the exact same color as the paint and this planter looks like it was made for our downstairs!


Well, there you have it! I honestly could go on and on about the lounge and why I chose everything I did, but all that matters is that it’s done and I’m currently sitting on my couch with a nice drink in hand watching the new season of queer eye while I type this!

Thank you all for following along, and stay tuned because project kitchen reno is fully underway!!!