DIY shelving!

One of my favorite things in our home & the thing I get asked about the most, is our wall shelving unit in our bedroom! 



Every time I post a picture of this space, I always get lots of messages and comments from people saying they have been looking for shelving like this forever and where I got them!

These shelves are actually Rubbermaid garage storage from Home Depot!

I'm definitely not the first person to do this, but I remember whenIi was looking into shelving units that I came across a blog post about these same shelves and it inspired me and maybe it will inspire you!

My favorite part about this unit is the mid-century feel! I'm sure you've all seen the big gorgeous Teak wall units that are so worth it, but also crazy expensive! We had just moved into our home and I knew I wanted shelving but also knew it needed to be inexpensive and easy!

To put these guys together, you just need three pieces!

70" Rubbermaid twin tracks

I bought four of these for my unit!


For my unit, I went ahead and bought 18 of these guys! Once I had them all, I went ahead and spray painted the brackets and the twin tracks gold!

Then the last piece you need is the Rubbermaid wooden shelves!



Technically these are part of the Rubbermaid closet storage line, but when we went to home depot, they were right next to the twin tracks and brackets in the garage storage aisle! 

The link is for white laminate shelves, but we went with the dark wood shelves and they have a couple other color options to chose from with different lengths and widths!

Once the paint was dry, I (Nathan) went ahead and hung the twin tracks on the wall and made them nice and sturdy so I could load these bad boys up! 

Once the tracks are up, you can place the brackets and shelves wherever you want on the tracks! I love to rearrange and I think one of the biggest appeals of this system was that I could rearrange the shelving whenever I wanted to!

These shelves are so great and versatile and something I will definitely never get bored of! check out some of the different ways I have styled them in the past!!!


This post was not sponsored, I just wanted to share! If you decide to give it a shot, definitely send me some pics!