A quick refresh with Coloray Decor!


So you know when you have a space in your home that you just cant figure out!? A space that you rework over and over and every time it's just "OK" but never perfect?! One that keeps you up at nigh,t imagining all the possibilities or things you can do differently?! Well, I have one! It's an awkward little accent wall that is home to one of our families favorite pieces of furniture, our vintage electric piano! This wall is the first thing you see as you walk into our home and I really wanted to get it right! Enter Coloray Decor! 

After checking out their website, I knew right away that I needed one of their floral prints! They have sooooo many and it was so hard to choose, but I knew I wanted something vintage looking and I fell in love with the colors and the print on their "Sumatra Paradise" removable wallpaper! I was over the moon when they generously offered to send some my way!

Here's a quick little before photo!


It's just an awkward little wall (that one day I'd like to knock down) and I had no idea what to do with it!

Here's the after! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out! The quality of this paper is excellent and I'm so in love with the vibe! 



I'm a huge fan of removable wallpaper! Its such a noncommittal way to completely change a space and is perfect for renters and serial re-decorators like myself! (Although I don't see this wallpaper going anywhere soon!)

With that being said, since I revealed this little refresh on Instagram, I've gotten so many questions about removable wallpaper! Let me start by saying, it is the ACTUAL best thing ever. Coloray decor has made it so easy to install! The paper is almost like a giant sticker! You just peel off the back and it sticks right to the wall! I messed up a couple times, and my edges weren't as straight as I wanted them to be, so I just took it off and tried again!

I've talked to so many people who are scared of removable wallpaper! I'm just here to reassure you that it is so easy, you CAN do it and you will be so happy after you do!!! If you decide to take the plunge, make sure to send me pics! If there is dreamy wallpaper up in your house, I have to know! 

If you love the Sumatra Paradise wallpaper as much as I do, use code "ownparadise" to take 10% off your order!

If you're feeling something a little different, make sure to check out Coloray Decor's extensive removable wallpaper selection!

Also, be sure to follow Coloray Decor on Instagram for lots of inspo and styled posts of their wallpapers!


P.S. Charliee is definitely feeling this wallpaper too.