Home lifestyle shoot with Irma Ali!

Being someone who always has a lot to say, but also someone who hates long captions, I'm super excited to be venturing out from Instagram and into the blogging world! I decide that for one of my first posts, I wanted to share a bit more about myself and my family! We recently shot a home session with the amazing Irma Ali, and I thought "no better time for an introductory blog post/ photo spam! Looking through the photos, it made me realize how I post so much of our home on Instagram, but the thing that makes our house a home are the people who live in it. Without Nathan and our two beautiful babies, this home would never have evolved into what it is today! It is a piece of all of us and I'm so grateful for my sweet little family! 

Nathan and I have been married for almost 7 years! We got married when I was 19 ( I'm almost 27 now) and it will always be the best decision I've ever made. He was someone I knew for years, we literally never talked, and then one day we fell in love. It seriously went down just like that and I thank the Lord every day for this man who keeps me home taking care of my babies and supports all of my dreams. We are now raising our kids in my childhood home! Memories around every corner you guys!


Together, Nathan and I made the two most perfect babies that ever existed and our lives are exponentially better because of them. We had a long infertility journey that I believe is worth talking about because it's part of who we are as people and as parents, and these babies are loved more than anything. Our baby girl, Charliee, is our first born and just recently turned 2! She is fiery and spirited and strong willed and drives us crazy but is everything good in this world. 

We were then blessed with our sweetest boy Leo! He is 1, and he came along when we didn't know we needed him and I couldn't imagine doing life without my boy. Stubborn and strong willed, just like his sister, but so laid back and content. Hes a "go with the flow" kind of soul and I adore him for it and how he has brought it out in myself. Also, mamas boy alllll the way you guys!



There was a time in our lives where we didnt know if this would ever be our lives. WE ARE SO BLESSED. I hope to raise my children to love the Lord, in a loving a accepting environment where they are constantly inspired by the interiors around them!

I'm so excited to be able to share our eclectic interiors, DIY's, childrens spaces, and whatever else is inspiring me at the moment!

And again, huge shout out to Denver based photographer Irma Ali for coming over and taking these amazing photos of our sweet family! I will love and cherish them forever!


Make sure to check her work out on Instagram @irmaloves you and on her blog www.irmatakesphotos.com