Charliee's Room

I think out of all interiors, I adore children’s spaces the most! In my own home, I’m always most excited to work on my kiddos rooms! There is something so special about putting together a space for the little babe you love more than anything in the world! Many of you know what Charliee’s room used to look like! It was really cute, but it just wasn’t very functional for her and her current needs! It was aesthetically pleasing, but it would get messy so quickly because I had no where to put everything and things were just constantly moving around! Then came the day where Leo totally destroyed her wallpaper with a sharpie and I knew change was coming! New wallpaper, new everything, right?! Charliee is now three and a half and is very very opinionated! When I had done up her room before, it was based off of all of my decisions and tastes, this time I decided to ask her and get her opinion on some small decisions and it made it all so much more fun!

Here is Charliee’s cute AND functional big girl room!


First things first, the bed! We have the most stunning upholstered bed from Apt2B in our room and the quality is amazing and I was so excited to team up with them for Charliee’s space! When you have kids, nothing lasts. They are always outgrowing things or needing something different to accommodate new needs, so I knew I wanted to get her a bed that she could grow with; one the she could have until she moves out! (crying just thinking about that!) When we were redoing our own room, I was so obsessed with the Coco upholstered bed from Apt2B but I couldn’t make it work in our room and I ended up going with something different. Well, that bed has been stuck in my mind ever since and I thought it would be perfect for her room! We decided to get it in the cream to match anything we decide to do with her room in the future!


Charliee is a bit of a crazy sleeper! Her twin bed had rails on it because she rolled a lot, so I decided to get her a full! The size is perfect and she hasn’t fallen out of bed a single time now that she’s in something a little bigger! We also have used her room as a guest room a couple times since her new bed has been here! We don’t currently have a guest room and it’s something we wont get to for a while, so another reason we went with the full was to be able to accommodate for guests! Charliee sleeps with us and guests can sleep in her super cute room, so win-win!

I think that a mattress is super important and especially for kids! Kids are growing and developing constantly! I think a good supportive mattress is really beneficial for growing little spines and we decided to go with the Sapira hybrid mattress from Leesa sleep! Honestly, Nate was really upset when it arrived because it’s so much comfier than ours! It’s the perfect investment for our girl and a mattress that will last her all her years under our roof!


I had framed some vintage vogue prints I had thrifted, and they are still so perfect in her room! They add such a fun pop of color, and paired with the fun little paper parasol install I did above her bed, its the perfect eclectic touch! Her bedding is a combination of target, kip and co and society 6!


I love how glam her room was turning out, and I fell in love with the Sunland side table from Apt2B! The gold was perfect in this space, and while I’ve styled this little scene up for these pretty photos, this table holds everything that is near and dear to her little heart when it’s time to settle down for bed! They are also on clearance right now!!


A rug was something that was really important to me when it came to this space! I feel like kiddos spend half of their time playing on the floor, so I wanted something super soft and plushy where her and Leo and their little friends could sprawl out with all of their toys or books and be super comfy while doing it!

I decided to go with Apt2B’s Aliso shag area rug in graphite! It’s so soft and cozy and offers the perfect contrast to the rest of the light colored room!


Charliee is my little book worm, she always has been. She is so good at sitting down quietly and reading a book or coloring a picture! She is starting to get to the age where nap time isn’t as necessary. In any given week, she’ll nap for me once or twice and I know the day is soon coming where she wont nap at all! I’ve been working really hard with her on the concept of quiet time! Even though she may not be sleeping, she still needs quiet time in her room where she can be alone and read her books, do some coloring and just get a bit of down time! I wanted to create a space where she felt happy and comfortable to do that, and I was so excited to snatch up one of the kids sectionals from interior define! They created the cutest kids line based off of their adult sized “gray sofa”( which we also have), and she is over the moon to have the kids version in her room! You can have them done in any fabric but we had to go with the peace sign fabric, because how could you not?! I also opted to have it slip-covered instead of upholstered which is such a nice option! We’ve only had it for 2 weeks and I’ve already had to wash it!


Charliee has a dresser in her room and I fold all of her clothes and put them away in there. I have no patience for hanging clothes and only hang a few pieces that are special!! All of this to say, her closet was trashed! I’m the kind of gal who keeps things always looking nice and tidy, but behind every closed door or closet, its a mess! It’s something that I’ve been working on and I decided it was time to tackle her closet! Like I said, we don’t really use it for clothes, and I had just been storing junk in it, and I really wanted to make it special for her!


I’m honestly so proud of it! It really makes her room so much more functional and definitely prettier!


We’ve all just been so obsessed with this transformation and have been spending so much time in here! Now that both of the kiddos rooms are finished,I think its time for baby #3, right?!?