Kids Bedding

I’ve mentioned it before, but kids rooms are my all time favorite! I feel like I was a little bit naive when I had kids and totally underestimated the amount of bedding needed. When Charliee moved out of her crib and into a big girl bed, I though one duvet cover and two pairs of sheets was going to be fine! Between accidents and just general hygiene we go through those two sheets in a few days and I feel like I’m always washing bedding! I realized that I needed to stock up on bedding for my little gal, but I’m also an “aesthetic mom” and no basic bedding would do! We’re huge fans of The Company Store and have been using them in our own room for about a year. They have such fun options for kiddos, and I was so excited to team up with them!


Charliee’s room is a bit complicated; there are a lot of patterns going on, between the rug and the wallpaper (which is how we roll) but that also means that I needed to keep the bedding a bit more simple! I still went with pattern, duh, but I wanted something subtle yet still fun and something she would be excited about! For the sheets, pillowcases and duvet cover, I decided to go with some different color variations of the Swiss dot percale bedding! Girlfriend is all about pink, so for the duvet and pillowcases I chose the bubble gum Swiss dot! I also wanted to add a bit of contrast, so for the fitted sheet I went with the black Swiss dot! The pattern is simple and uniform and not overwhelming, but the variation in color is still fun and playful!


I feel like the more simple the pattern is, the more fun you can have with pillows and throws! I wanted to add some texture to the bed, and I love The Company Stores’ faux fur products, so I grabbed a couple of their pillow cases! I went with two of the coyote faux fur 20” pillow covers to layer on top of the bubble gum swiss dot standard pillows! They have a couple different color variations on the faux fur pillow covers, but ultimately I went with the coyote because it was a darker fur and would add some contrast against the lighter swiss dot pillow covers and cream headboard!

DSC05678 (1).jpg

The Company Store has so many fun pillow cover options and I wanted Charliee to pick something fun for her bed so I let her pick her statement pillow! We had been scrolling for about 10 seconds before she zoned in on the flamingo embroidered pillow cover! She is all about flamingos and has a couple flamingo stuffed animals as well and it looks so cute layered in front of all of her pillows! She won’t go to sleep without it now!


Bed styling is one of my favorite parts of interiors, and no bed is complete without a throw! The Company Store has so many options for throws, but I decided to go with the linen fringed throw because I’m a sucker for fringe! I went with the clay which has some really pretty blush undertones and added some contrast but also pulled out the pinks in the bubble gum duvet! I think its a color that is perfect for warm or cold seasons and nothing is better than linen!


As cute as this whole scene is, I think the best part about new kiddos bedding is how excited and eager she was to go to sleep that night! The company store has so many fun options for children, so definitely check them out for your sweet babes!